Kelsey Turner, InvestigateWest

Kelsey Turner, InvestigateWest

Kelsey Turner began her career investigating gender-based violence against Indigenous people for publications including Restoration Magazine and Native News Online. She previously covered homelessness and affordable housing for the Columbian in Vancouver, Washington, where she shed light on injustices facing the region’s lowest-income residents. A graduate of Brown University, her reporting has stretched from her home state of New Jersey to Illinois, Montana, Idaho and Washington.

Portland Police Sgt. Kristi Butcher, supervisor of the Portland Police Bureau’s Human Trafficking Unit, speaks to a woman in a pink dress she suspects suspects is a victim of sex trafficking. The photo is shot through a car door, concealing the woman's face.

Sex traffickers evade justice as child victims openly walk Pacific Northwest streets

By: - December 2, 2023

Prosecutor Ben Gauen recognized all the signs. He knew that the teenager who’d been screaming for help in the middle of a spring day on Aurora Avenue North — the “epicenter of sex trafficking in Seattle,” according to Gauen — was a victim of sex trafficking. Witnesses, still “physically shaking” from what they saw that […]