Robbie Sequeira

Robbie Sequeira

Robbie Sequeira is a staff writer covering housing and social services for Stateline.

A drunken driving sign.

Drunken drivers would have to pay child support for victims’ kids under these laws

By: - February 19, 2024

It was an unimaginable tragedy — the loss of her son, daughter-in-law and 4-month-old grandson in an April 13, 2021, car crash in Missouri — that pushed Cecilia Williams into advocacy. A month after visiting the crash site marker on a Missouri state highway, Williams recalled, she knew she had to channel her grief into […]


The US needs homes. But first, it needs the workers to build them.

By: - February 12, 2024

The U.S. needs an estimated 7 million more homes to house everyone who needs shelter. But to build all those homes, experts say, America would need many more construction workers. “The biggest challenge that the construction industry is facing, to put it tongue in cheek, is that people don’t want their babies to grow up […]


As homeless people become more visible, some cities and states take a tougher line

By: - January 6, 2024

In pushing for a bill of rights for homeless Michiganders, Democratic state Rep. Emily Dievendorf encountered a “cruel irony”: A homeless constituent providing advice on the measure was denied entry to the state Capitol because he didn’t have a photo ID. Under Dievendorf’s bill, homeless people in Michigan would have the right to “move freely” […]