More than 200 people take their fight against Oregon’s addiction crisis to the statehouse

BY: - February 2, 2023

People from around Oregon brought their heartaches and triumphs in the state’s drug and alcohol addiction crisis to the Capitol on Wednesday.  Many stories were shared: A partner lost to a fentanyl overdose. A son forced to move out-of-state to find drug addiction treatment. A legislator who has stayed sober for nearly half a century. […]

12 Oregon insurers fail to pay full cost of eligible reproductive services, audits find

BY: - February 1, 2023

Oregonians have been guaranteed free reproductive health care coverage, including for abortions, under a law that went into full effect in 2019. But at least a dozen insurance companies have charged consumers anyway, state officials said Wednesday. The Department of Consumer and Business Services released reports on violations by 12 health insurers that cover nearly […]

Oregon Gov. Tina Kotek proposes $32.1 billion 2023-25 budget

BY: - January 31, 2023

The $32.1 billion state budget Gov. Tina Kotek proposed Tuesday redirects hundreds of millions of dollars that would have gone to the state’s reserves to build houses, teach kids to read and improve access to mental health services. Education and human services, including funding behavioral health and homelessness, make up a combined 75% of the […]

Woman stocking drugs in a pharmacy

Oregon lawmakers propose bills to tamp down prescription costs

BY: - January 31, 2023

Oregon lawmakers are considering legislation to rein in soaring prescription drug prices for Oregonians and help rural independent pharmacies stay open. Prescriptions are an expensive part of Oregonians’ health care, especially for specialty or cancer medications necessary to treat life-threatening illnesses. The highest priced drug in Oregon in 2022 was Carvykti, a new drug that […]

FBI agent

FBI investigating abortion-related attacks in Oregon, nationwide

BY: - January 30, 2023

The FBI is offering a $25,000 reward for tips about three arsons in Oregon last summer against an anti-abortion group and centers.  The attacks occurred between May and July in Portland, Gresham and Keizer. One attack targeted the Mother and Child Education Center in Portland. Another involved Molotov cocktails thrown at the Oregon Right to […]

chicken operation

Oregonians fight for a moratorium on factory farms

BY: - January 30, 2023

Oregon has more miles of polluted waterways than any other state. Meanwhile, residents in Northeast Oregon are fighting for safe drinking water after decades of contamination.  Our mounting water crisis is playing out against a backdrop of climate change-driven mega-drought that threatens water scarcity statewide. Legislators in Salem must see these events for what they […]

FDA experts still puzzled over who should get which COVID shots and when

BY: - January 27, 2023

At a meeting to simplify the nation’s COVID vaccination policy, the FDA’s panel of experts could agree on only one thing: Information is woefully lacking about how often different groups of Americans need to be vaccinated. That data gap has contributed to widespread skepticism, undervaccination and ultimately unnecessary deaths from COVID-19. The committee voted unanimously […]

Mother of child poisoned by cream

2 infants with high lead levels prompt warnings against skin cream

BY: - January 26, 2023

Two infants in the Portland area with high lead levels in their blood prompted a warning Thursday by health officials about a skin cream used for eczema, a common condition in children. Both children – in Multnomah and Washington counties – were younger than 1 and were exposed to Diep Bao, a cream made in […]

roundtable on fentanyl

U.S. House GOP takes aim at fake pills containing deadly fentanyl sold on social media

BY: - January 25, 2023

WASHINGTON — On a June 2020 morning, Amy Neville entered her son’s bedroom to wake him for an orthodontist appointment.  Fourteen-year-old Alex didn’t wake up.  He died of fentanyl poisoning after taking a counterfeit pill he bought from someone he met on Snapchat, Neville told GOP lawmakers Wednesday during a roundtable discussion of the role […]

Lawmaker proposes legislation to address opioid overdoses

BY: - January 24, 2023

Oregon lawmakers will consider legislation this session aimed at preventing opioid overdoses that kill hundreds of Oregonians each year and account for a growing part of the state’s addiction epidemic.  Opioid overdoses killed 280 Oregonians in 2019, a figure that more than doubled in 2021 with 745 deaths, according to Oregon Health Authority data. National […]

Oregon launches new free hotline for abortion legal advice

BY: - January 23, 2023

The Oregon Department of Justice has launched a hotline to provide free legal advice to people with legal questions about abortions.  Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum’s Monday announcement came the day after the 50th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1973 decision in Roe v Wade, which guaranteed abortion rights nationwide until the court overturned the […]


Fifty years later, our lives still at risk

BY: - January 22, 2023

Fifty years ago, a very different U.S. Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade. Radical right-wing extremists control the Supreme Court and serve in elective office. We have fewer freedoms than we did a generation ago. We suffer, and women die because of it. When the Supreme Court ruled last June to strip away our rights […]